Understanding the Current Situation in Israel

Misinformation plays a huge role in the ongoing conflict, and many don't understand the situation on the ground. Let's clarify a few things.

10/12/20235 min read

I've had the privilege of living among diverse groups, including Iranians, Arabs, Americans, and Israelis. Through this, I've witnessed first-hand the warmth and kindness of all these cultures. I know all these people would 100% get along if not for the minority of extremists who take leadership by force and terrorize everyone. You will not hear many Palestinians complain about Hamas, or Iranians complain about the Morality Police, because they can get killed for speaking up or disobeying.

The real problem is not the everyday citizens of these nations. It’s entities like Hamas and the extremist Iranian regime, who exploit Palestine and its people for their own radical objectives. While they claim to be fighting for Palestine's freedom, their underlying motivations are far more nefarious.

In the absence of these extremist entities, peace between Israel and Palestine would be imminent – similar to Israel's relations with Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE. Even Israel and Iran had amazing relations and peace before the rise of the extremist regime. The current extremist regime of Iran took power through violence and bloodshed.

An example of harmonious relations is the collaborative tourism projects discussed when our friend from Jordan visited Israel last month. There's genuine camaraderie here, not enmity.

Regrettably, the Palestinian population is dominated by extremist factions that terrorize the people of Palestine, Israel and everyone else they can reach. Their trick is to make their work seem like a war between countries, races and religions.. when if fact they plot to purge the entire world from what they call 'infidels'.

The terrorists remain hidden and justify acts of terror by disguising themselves as politicians and religious leaders of Palestine... they also disguise themselves as Jews and IDF soldiers. Here is an example of actors staging the death of a young boy while dressed in Israeli and Jewish costumes. (watch the video).

Let's be clear:

This isn't a war of Jews vs. Muslims.

This isn't a war of Jews vs. Arabs.

This isn't a war of Jews vs. Palestinians.

This isn't a war of Israel vs. Palestine.

It's between Extremists/Terrorists vs. Everyone Else.

These particular Terrorists hijacked Palestine, imposing their radical ideologies on innocent Palestinian people, and use the Palestinian people as shields. Their idea is to cause bloodshed, make Israel look like the bad guy and recruit other muslims to their cause of defeating Israel as their first step to purging the world.

By killing all 'Infedels', they believe they will prove that the God of Israel is a false God. I know it sounds mad, but thats why they are called 'extremists' and 'terrorists'. It isn't correct to think that they represent Palestinians or Muslims, they only represent their own extremism, and could care less about anyone else.

They want everyone to think that the war is between races, nationalities or religious people, when, it's in fact a very small number of evil people that are tricking their naive followers, and forcing others into obedience.

Similar to Hitler, they want to purge everyone that doesn't bow to their will, until they control the entire world. They want to design a world with extremist muslim laws, where every non-muslim, and almost every existing muslim would be considered an infidel and purged (they also use Hitlers old war tactics - they align with groups to get their help now, and kill them later).

'Islamic Extremists' are not the same as 'Religious People' or believers. Many people don't get the difference. But thats the key to understanding all this correctly. The enemy are terrorists, not Palestine or it civilian population. The problem is the extremist regime that controls the territory by force and fear.

These regimes are the reason Palestine is blockaded. No neighboring country will open itself to them. Remove the extremist regimes and peace/prosperity will become inevitable with all Muslim nations, including Iran.

The extremists have publicly state that they want to continue killing Israelis. They shoot and stab Israeli civilians in the back, then continue placing innocent Palestinians, women and kids in the line of return-fire because every death helps their cause.


Palestinians, as a whole, are NOT terrorists. But terrorists, who can belong to any nationality, sometimes masquerade as representatives of the Palestinian people. They use violence and intimidation to maintain control and frequently deploy Palestinian civilians as shields, leading to tragic consequences.

If these extremist forces were not in control of the governments, Palestinians and Israelis would swiftly establish peace and prosperity for all. My experiences with friends from Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, and Iran affirm that common people, irrespective of nationality, are intrinsically good-hearted. We have allot to offer each other and allot to learn from each other.

Yet, the extremist agenda disrupts this potential harmony. Their tactics include seizing control of Palestinian territories, attacking Israel, leveraging civilians as shields, and thwarting peace efforts, such as the imminent deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Social media has shed light on these tactics, revealing the Terrorists' atrocities, including heartbreaking incidents in Israel. We must recognize their strategies and understand that both Palestinians and Israelis suffer under their reign.

IIsrael enjoys peaceful and productive ties with several Arab nations, including Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE. However, attempts to establish a similar rapport with Saudi Arabia challenge Iran's influence in the region. As a result, the Iranian regime resists these peace initiatives, often resorting to violence to undermine them. A primary tool in their strategy is Hamas, which further exploits Palestinian civilians in the process.

This isn't just a political issue; it's a moral one. Innocents are suffering, and hatred doesn't help. Terrorism isn't a representation of faith; it's a manifestation of misguided beliefs and intentions.

We should pray for wisdom, understanding, and peace for all, refraining from blindly blaming Israelis or Palestinians. True evil lies in the intentions, not the people.

Click here for a new article, where Child Beheadings is being confirmed by journalist witnesses. This is real stuff that no one dared show in the past.

Hostage Situation

In 2011, Israel negotiated the release of one of its soldiers in exchange for over 1,000 detained individuals linked to terrorist activities.

However, this gave Hamas an incentive to escalate their tactics. Their subsequent actions have been horrifying, with reports of beheadings, kidnappings of entire families including U.S. citizens, burning entire families alive, and other unspeakable atrocities. Now, Hamas leaders are seeking to negotiate the release of U.S. hostages on Russian television.

It's clear we're witnessing extreme fanaticism. Insanity. Under such brutal dominance, freedom cannot exist for everyone, including the Palestinian people.

In conclusion, while power-hungry leaders dictate the narrative, it's the rest of us who suffer the consequences. Let's not be swayed by misplaced hate. Please pray and unite. Do not fight with each other about opinions. Just stand together... against the real problem. Terrorists and oppressing regimes. We the people do not want any of this hate or violence.

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